OMA SPS-Sukitus is a modern sewer pipe renovation solution We use Trelleborg Pipe Seals Duisburg GmbH and Frenzelit GmbH in our socks. The branch connections used in sewer connections are factory-built to achieve the best and most reliable result. We sink sewers with a diameter of 50-250mm, basically just about all the interior sewers and plumbing drains. The benefits of SPS-Succinate are its inhabitant-friendliness, speed, cost-effectiveness and the need for structural opening. Before sucking, the old sewer is washed and milled. In a cleaned old pipe, a compressed air is used to install a sock that is epoxy. When cured, the sock forms a new, homogeneous and self-supporting tube. Curing can be accelerated by steam and heating. We describe the end result of the work and the subscriber receives the material from the memory stick. We do the work ourselves to ensure a high quality and professional end result. We give a 10-year leakage guarantee for our diving work. SPS has a VTT certificate, according to which the life of a dipped sewer is 40-50 years. Certificate number: VTT-C-9376-13.